Another attempt

Here it is, another random attempt to try and start a blog. Gods, how many times have a tried to do this over the years? And how many equal amount of times have I thrown my hands up in exasperation and just left the building (metaphorically speaking). Maybe Elvis had it right after all! At least when it comes to online blogging.

They tell you it’s easy and simple. La di da di da. Not for me. Sorry. I don’t seem to be compatible to any of the blog-friendly free websites around. Or maybe it’s just like a diary. I used to try starting one every year when I was little, only to forget it after a while. Or just remember it randomly when, in tears, I just wanted to express feelings of anger, disappointment and betrayal. Well, if that was the case, I would have remembered to write in it almost every day…. so no I don’t think that was the case.

But anyways, stream of consciousness apart, gotta go now since my dear bf is clamoring for food, and I still have to dry my hair (a process which takes at least 30 mins believe it or not).

Laterz (I hope)

KISS KISSUp-Blu-ray-3

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