Ireland here we come!!

So, today me and my bf finally finished planning our ten-day trip to Ireland. We are going there as an extended holiday to celebrate my birthday and I must say I am really looking forward to it, not only because I need a holiday (which I definitely do), but also because I ADORE Ireland! It’s the third time I’m visiting this beautiful Celtic country, full of legends, extravagant vistas and magical ruins, and I can never get enough of it.


I first went to Republic around 6 years ago with some friends. Then, last December, me and my bf went to Northern Ireland. I guess I so impressed my better half with my comments about how Republic is different from Northern, wilder and as picturesque, though in a different way, that he decided he HAD to go there too. Maybe this is why, almost a year later, he gave me the best bday + Xmas present ever! A ten day trip to Ireland! He not only bought my flight, but also rented a very cute cottage with fireplace in County Tipperary for a week, as well as a b&b in County Galway for another 3 nights! And he also rented a car and will be my personal driver for the duration of the trip! Ain’t I a lucky gal!? ^^

We spent at least four weekends planning our holiday, searching out likely locations, finding them on google maps and then recording them on his GPS. Oh and btw, did I mention that he also bought tickets for both of us to go see BEHEMOT live in Dublin on one night, and SABATON on another?? He gave me all these flight tickets, car hire ticket, cottage and b&b info and concert tickets in a beautiful card with a Gothic Princess on it… and the envelope was just bursting out its seams with all that stuff! Lol it was so funny!

Anyways, I guess this is one of many entries I will be making about going to Ireland, not to mention being there, and coming back. 🙂

One the places I’m looking forward to visiting in County Tipperary is the Rock of Cashel. Here are some pics below!!



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