Tick Tock

Mosquitoes nattering
Jabbering, whimpering
                                                            Gaze at the mindless hypocrites                                                             
and move on
Waste the time
Feel the minutes slither by
Your life is slowly putrefying
Withering away in the dankness
Slowly. Very slowly.

More’s the pity…



I love going to new restaurants and tasting new food. Me and my partner visit a lot of restaurants and love not only sampling new dishes, but also criticizing the place.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we go there prepared to find fault or anything, but you’ve got to admit that certain places leave much to be desired in the way not only of service, but also with regards to food, location and many other things. As such, this makes the finding of somewhere really good and enjoyable all the more special.

Being the avid writer and natterer that I am, I simply love airing my views online (no shit! lol) and one of my favourite sites is obviously ‘Tripadvisor’, which is simply perfect not only for sharing your opinion on restaurants, hotels and even natural or historical sites, but also to consult when you are thinking about going somewhere in particular. Reading another customer’s or traveller’s own genuine opinion, be it good or bad, helps me a lot to determine whether it is actually worthwhile to gosomewhere or nor. Much more so than primping reviews on glossy magazines or flattering adverts on TV that’s for sure!

One must however, keep in mind that everyone has differing tastes, and so take comments with a pinch of salt as well. It is good to take into consideration what others think, but I still like to make up my own mind in the end.

Tonight, we are going to eat at a restaurant in Msida (Malta) called ‘Il Santo’, aka ‘The Saint’, which is actually quite near my house. I’ve been there once with a couple of collegues and the pasta, not to mention the seafood, was delicious. And this – after I had read from a couple of reviews that it wasn’t anything to write home about! So, that just goes to show. I mentioned it to my other half and he said he wanted to sample it (this was some months back) – so now, here we go 🙂


Maybe I’ll even put my review of it here, since I’ve already published one on Tripadvisor last time.