The Saint

There was a Girl who sometimes lost herself in a time-warp.
There was a Boy whose heart was full, but whose morose anger at times, replaced thoughts of love.
Life conspired to keep them apart, with time spent doing things they didn’t want to be doing, with people they didnt want to be with. Tumultuous and snide was Life in her mission and with whispering murmurs and meandering episodes, sometimes lured the Boy away from the Girl, or gave not the chance for the Girl to be aware of the Boy’s need to share his cares, until, in darkness, they drifted silently apart, unaware of the unravelling satin ribbon thinning and straining between them.


Such a nasty thing.

Life and Time. These two can do so much damage.

Something left unsaid, until it is too late.

Something left undone, until the echo of its loss decays and rots.

Then, sometimes… but only sometimes, an island of stillness spoils the abyss. Like a drop of liquid light dripping into an inky puddle – its spiralling traces swirling and twirling round and round. Creating vibrations. Creating consequences. Creating change.

Such was yesterday evening.

A moment of pure tranquillity and relaxation in a life full of tribulations and panicked errands.

Just a Girl. Just a Boy.

And a quite restaurant with very tasty food and a glass of red red wine.


The service was slow at first, just like the conversation perhaps. Not lagging, not forced, just lackadaisically gradual and sibilantly dreamy… maybe that’s why when it started to be smoother and gently fluid, it was also so sensuously succulent.


The delicious focaccia with mozzarella di bufala, crispy and just right as a shared starter. Penne with salmon and cream for her and T Bone steak for him. The portions generous and savoury. The two totally in synch.


And then later, there was no need for desert… not at the restaurant anyways :0)

Tick Tock

Mosquitoes nattering
Jabbering, whimpering
                                                            Gaze at the mindless hypocrites                                                             
and move on
Waste the time
Feel the minutes slither by
Your life is slowly putrefying
Withering away in the dankness
Slowly. Very slowly.

More’s the pity…



I love going to new restaurants and tasting new food. Me and my partner visit a lot of restaurants and love not only sampling new dishes, but also criticizing the place.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we go there prepared to find fault or anything, but you’ve got to admit that certain places leave much to be desired in the way not only of service, but also with regards to food, location and many other things. As such, this makes the finding of somewhere really good and enjoyable all the more special.

Being the avid writer and natterer that I am, I simply love airing my views online (no shit! lol) and one of my favourite sites is obviously ‘Tripadvisor’, which is simply perfect not only for sharing your opinion on restaurants, hotels and even natural or historical sites, but also to consult when you are thinking about going somewhere in particular. Reading another customer’s or traveller’s own genuine opinion, be it good or bad, helps me a lot to determine whether it is actually worthwhile to gosomewhere or nor. Much more so than primping reviews on glossy magazines or flattering adverts on TV that’s for sure!

One must however, keep in mind that everyone has differing tastes, and so take comments with a pinch of salt as well. It is good to take into consideration what others think, but I still like to make up my own mind in the end.

Tonight, we are going to eat at a restaurant in Msida (Malta) called ‘Il Santo’, aka ‘The Saint’, which is actually quite near my house. I’ve been there once with a couple of collegues and the pasta, not to mention the seafood, was delicious. And this – after I had read from a couple of reviews that it wasn’t anything to write home about! So, that just goes to show. I mentioned it to my other half and he said he wanted to sample it (this was some months back) – so now, here we go 🙂


Maybe I’ll even put my review of it here, since I’ve already published one on Tripadvisor last time.


Krampus – the EVIL FATHER XMAS!!!

Last weekend I started a Xmas movie marathon with a number of movies I had chosen and listed a week before. No Miracle on the 34th street or jolly Jack Frost for me though! I’m talking about horror slasher Xmas movies here! Blood, gore, screams, burnt candy and cannibalistic Santas – the real deal!

After watching a serial killer Father Christmas butcher bare-breasted bimbos and lusty layman in ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ (,_Deadly_Night), admittedly a B-movie, I discovered a real find. A movie which I honestly don’t know why is not more well-known – there isn’t even the English-speaking version, in fact it’s almost entirely in Finnish.

The movie is called ‘Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale’: rare-exports-a-christmas-taleSet in Lapland, it recounts how what we know as Santa Claus was once a great and powerful monster, whose job was to PUNISH children. This cannibalistic being was dragged into a hole and encased in ice for millions of years, that is, until a batch of greedy Americans started digging him up. Of course, the local Laplanders smell something funny, and one boy in particular rises to save the day. It was however, the depiction of Father Xmas (not to mention his ‘elves’ – bent old men with an evil aura) who interested me! Now THAT’s what I call originality!!


Intrigued, I proceeded to research a bit and came up with quite a lot of info about the origins of the Xmas Father legend. He was in fact a pagan representation of the season of winter, and had nothing at all to do with either Christianity, jolly old men, or presents! I was so interested, that I wrote an article and sent it to EVE, the magazine I work for part-time, in order for it to be published during Yule-time. I will upload the link when it’s on.

Searching further, I also discovered the legend of an entity called KRAMPUS, who seems to be Father Xmas’ evil twin, ‘a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair.’ –


Ireland here we come!!

So, today me and my bf finally finished planning our ten-day trip to Ireland. We are going there as an extended holiday to celebrate my birthday and I must say I am really looking forward to it, not only because I need a holiday (which I definitely do), but also because I ADORE Ireland! It’s the third time I’m visiting this beautiful Celtic country, full of legends, extravagant vistas and magical ruins, and I can never get enough of it.


I first went to Republic around 6 years ago with some friends. Then, last December, me and my bf went to Northern Ireland. I guess I so impressed my better half with my comments about how Republic is different from Northern, wilder and as picturesque, though in a different way, that he decided he HAD to go there too. Maybe this is why, almost a year later, he gave me the best bday + Xmas present ever! A ten day trip to Ireland! He not only bought my flight, but also rented a very cute cottage with fireplace in County Tipperary for a week, as well as a b&b in County Galway for another 3 nights! And he also rented a car and will be my personal driver for the duration of the trip! Ain’t I a lucky gal!? ^^

We spent at least four weekends planning our holiday, searching out likely locations, finding them on google maps and then recording them on his GPS. Oh and btw, did I mention that he also bought tickets for both of us to go see BEHEMOT live in Dublin on one night, and SABATON on another?? He gave me all these flight tickets, car hire ticket, cottage and b&b info and concert tickets in a beautiful card with a Gothic Princess on it… and the envelope was just bursting out its seams with all that stuff! Lol it was so funny!

Anyways, I guess this is one of many entries I will be making about going to Ireland, not to mention being there, and coming back. 🙂

One the places I’m looking forward to visiting in County Tipperary is the Rock of Cashel. Here are some pics below!!



Another attempt

Here it is, another random attempt to try and start a blog. Gods, how many times have a tried to do this over the years? And how many equal amount of times have I thrown my hands up in exasperation and just left the building (metaphorically speaking). Maybe Elvis had it right after all! At least when it comes to online blogging.

They tell you it’s easy and simple. La di da di da. Not for me. Sorry. I don’t seem to be compatible to any of the blog-friendly free websites around. Or maybe it’s just like a diary. I used to try starting one every year when I was little, only to forget it after a while. Or just remember it randomly when, in tears, I just wanted to express feelings of anger, disappointment and betrayal. Well, if that was the case, I would have remembered to write in it almost every day…. so no I don’t think that was the case.

But anyways, stream of consciousness apart, gotta go now since my dear bf is clamoring for food, and I still have to dry my hair (a process which takes at least 30 mins believe it or not).

Laterz (I hope)

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