Back from Silence – The Cliffs of Moher in IRELAND

Naughty naughty me! I haven’t posted anything in around two weeks! Guilty as charged. In my defense, I really did have A LOT going on. Things like a ten-day holiday in Southern Ireland (with crappy wi-fi) and my bday too 🙂

So, instead of re-capping everything on at once and leaving 99% out, I’ve decided to write about it when it comes… that is, when some particular instance, feeling or experience overwhelms my thoughts so much as to spill out everywhere 🙂

For now, since I’m currently downloading the 3000 photos taken in Ire on my USB, I will just share a nice tit-bit with you.


One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life are the Cliffs of Moher. These are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare.They are just ENORMOUS and MAJESTIC. An experience I will cherish for a lifetime. I had alreayd been there once around six or seven years ago, and had been yearning to go again ever since… well I did!


Never you mind that I am very windblown and my face and everything is kind of a mess… it WAS raining at the time and not just a few drops either, though it’s not quite apparent in the pics.


Still, it didn’t turn out so bad after all 😀 In fact, it was BLOODY FANTASTIC!!


Night-time in the realm of the Damned

This morning I woke up in a cold harsh world after a night plagued with nightmares. Again, I froze in terror while someone who hated me tried to choke the life out of me, again I shouted at someone whom I absolutely despise, screeching for some shred of justice, again and again I woke up alone in the darkness. Unloved, and feeling as though the whole world didn’t want me to exist.

This morning I went to work with a heart heavy with dread and loneliness. I looked up at the bloodied clouds, testament to a powerful and cruel sun. I looked down at the sea – a sea gone as scarlet as the lips of a cruel woman smiling in derision, reflecting the turmoil splashed above it. I walked into a square block of concrete filled with people who did not want to be there, people I do not know, people I am not interested in.


Yet, all it took was a cup of coffee with a friend. An hour where I could laugh and talk and vent, knowing that the other person was interested and wanted to help. Realizing how much I worried, and that I needed to let it all flow. Let it all go. Leave it all behind me.


I smile now, trying to pick up the shards of this broken mirror, even though I know that tonight, I will have to fall asleep again.

1348077449_A dream within a nightmare

Packing for Ireland – Of books and Gods

Finally the day is approaching! We leave on Saturday!

‘Leave’ – such a great word. I have so much I want to leave behind. So many feelings and hurts which I try to suppress and forget, but which creep out silently on clawed feet to haunt me at night. Sweaty nightmares and unshed tears apart, escapism is all very well, but is it enough?

Yesterday I started packing. I had made a list earlier – well two really. One was a list of things I needed to bag i.e clothes, jackets, socks, etc. The other more important one was a list of ‘those books’ which for some reason or other, seemed kind of perfect reading for Ireland! I know books kinda weight a lot but…


YES I’m gonna take and read all of those. And yes I can manage thank you! Apart from a three hour flight to Ireland and back, we have some serious long drives, not to mention the fact that night dons its mantle at 4pm in Ire, so probably we’ll start exploring early, but snuggle tightly in our cottage early too. Not that I’m complaining mind you, there are many things one can do in a cottage ;p

At the moment I’m re-reading ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ (read previous post). It’s almost done actually, so ‘Hollow City’, its sequel, comes next. There are three masterpieces by Neil Gaiman which, again, I’m re-reading for the second time just because I miss Neil I guess hehe. Also Ireland, full of Celtic Gods, faeries, seelie myths and history, puts me in a Gaiman kind of mood.

Next comes a find from a second-hand bookstore, James Herbert’s ‘The Ghosts of Sleath’ which is basically a haunting horror mystery taking place in a small mysterious British town.

And to round up, there’s Greg Keyes’ ‘Kingdoms of Bones and Thorn’ quartet. Through the beautifully crafted plot and characters, the one which shines in my estimation and the reason why I’m lugging these books along to Ireland, is the Briar King. God of the Forest, reminiscent of Cernunnos, and the Green Man, and personification of the power of mighty wisdom encapsulated within the earth, this character fascinates and grips me so totally that I wanted to experience it in a country which I associate with the beauty of nature so much.


Breaking the Office with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

It was another irritatingly stifling day at the office. Issues kept being thrown at me one after the other, until I felt like I was on the brink of exploding. My bitchy (not to mention wanna-be poshy but actually totally chav) room-mate (I refuse to use the work collegue, since she comes in late, leaves early, and hardly actually DOES anything) was her usual hypocritical self, and I didn’t even have anything to eat during lunch time.

So, I grabbed my copy of ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ and headed off to some alone-time in the sun during my 15-minute long office break. There was actually hardly any sun at all. It was one of those strange days when the air is chilly, the sky is in semi-darkness, and the sunshine keeps playing peek-a-boo with the romantically-fantastic clouds.


I had read ‘Miss Peregrine…’ before, however since I’ve just bought its sequel ‘Hollow City’, I’ve decided to re-read it before moving on to it.

I must say that the presentation of the novel itself must have attracted quite a number of readers. I know that it attracted me. I don’t usually go for books with pictures in them, but the black and white daguerreotypes really caught my attention. Perhaps that was the main reason why out of a myriad of other interesting-sounding books, I actually bought this one.

That being said, the plot is quite original and interesting, giving a take on WW2 from a supernatural angle. Not that it goes into much detail about the war itself (thank all the Gods), however it IS portrayed to the extent as to how it touches the lives of many of the characters involved.

The characters are believable, though not particularly deep, and the baddies are… well… baddies. They could have been more fully-fledged and the ‘monster’ part seemed a bit childish to be honest, however later on in the book we are given an explanation about that, and I hope that this will be more in detail in the second book.


I read this book months before it was announced that Tim Burton was to make a movie out of it – and you can imagine my euphoria. It’s just PERFECT for his style. Hope he makes it more ‘creepy’ and less ‘children’s movie’.

We have a long wait though, since production is to start in mid-2015, and MAYBE the film will be out by 2016.

The only sure thing is that they have cast Eva Green as Miss Peregrine, and while I had imagined her as being older, I really think she’s PERFECT for the part!!


On The Walking Dead S2, Sarah, and why it all matters

Hi, I simply must ask – how did you come to the conclusion that Sarah had a mental or cognitive disability? To tell the truth that never even entered my mind. And secondly, I think the fact that Sarah could not survive is a plus – in that it shows that they didn’t feel ‘sorry for her’ and let her live JUST BECAUSE she was somehow mentally challenged (if she was, that is). She was treated just as everyone else was treated, i.e they all/or almost all, died.

Realistically, in such a difficult and rough reality as that presented in ‘The Walking Dead’ it would be terribly difficult for highly intelligent, highly strong people to survive, so obviously the survival rate of someone with less physical and/or mental advantages would be much less. I, for one, find the continuing survival of Clementine herself to be deeply unrealistic. Sure she’s a smart kid and she knows how to shoot a gun, but really, the decisions given to her to make by the rest of the group are simply ludicruous. They never expected Duck, Kennet’s son, to face such decisions or crawl/slither/climb/run into such danger did they? So why burden a young girl like Clementine with going into almost death-like situations, when strong adults loiter about doing god knows what instead?

And that is why Sarah’s death (whether or not she has a disability) is a very realistic fatality and one which totally fits in with the rest of the story. It is a cruel world, a dangerous world, a nightmarish world. People die and become flesh eating zombies, even nice ones like Leah. If Sarah had remained alive, that would not only defy the forces of ‘reality’ such as it is, but would be preferential treatment, she would only be spared because she is ‘different’ and THAT would be unfair to people like Sarah! People with disability and others without disability should be treated in the same way, both when it comes to the good and the bad stuff.

A Trick of Light


I just sent this to, regarding episode 4 of The Walking Dead: Season Two. Massive spoilers for that episode within.

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A Violent Kiss

I wrote this for the esternewtonblog as part of her weekly 70-word challenge.

Eyes blue with sky, hands clasped against the wind, pleated skirts already flying. Waiting for that special second.

Steps crunch hurriedly against the dark rooftop ‘Are you friggin kidding me? You don’t have the balls bitches’ comes the sniggering denial.

We smile, aware of our undisclosed power. Forever secret. Forever ours. Twin-like dribbles of spittle smudge harlot-red lipstick. A little lick and…


The pavement soars in a violent kiss.


Bad Boys, Dynamite and Psychotic Lust

This weekend I re-watched one of my fav 80s Dark Comedies, Winona Ryder’s ‘Heathers’ (1988), where apart from teen angst and high school bullying, we get to see the demise of yet another bitchy cheerleader (yay!), a couple of jock bullies (yippie yay), as well as the sexy bad boy whom personally I would have done anything for (boo-hoo).


Awww come on admit it, we just love these characters don’t we? Yes, the guy is terminally and technically psychotic, I mean, he WAS a murderer, manipulator and schizzo, and he DID want to blow up the whole school, but considering that most of the students were assholes and that he was right on all accounts, not to mention sexy and slick as hell, how can one not sympathize?!


Yes, yes, yes, I have a soft spot for Christian Slater – does it really show so much? ;p

Apart from that – now be honest, who didn’t want to kill a couple of people and blow his/her own high school shitty life sky-high a couple of times right? So, yes I totally understand the guy, and if it had been me instead of Winona (Veronica), I’d definitely have been the very enthusiastic Bonnie to his Clyde.


The three ‘Heathers’ for whom the film is called were 3 stupid bimbos who could have given today’s ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘Gossip Girls’ and all the other hellcats a real run for their money. I love to watch high school power play in general, but manipulative bitchy girls are so much worse than your usual dumbo jock waving his dick around stuffing nerds into lockers aren’t they? And when they finally get their comeuppance, I cant help but cheer, shriek, laugh, snigger and drool with happiness. I hate these kind of girls with a passion, mostly because in my time as a teen at school I was one of those nerds myself, and though I wasn’t stuffed in any lockers, I was treated badly in other ways by girls who thought they were gods’ gift, just because they had money to buy certain stuff, put on make up, and already had been going out with boys and making out at 13. Well, guess what? Most of them didn’t pass their graduation at all, and more than half were already single mothers by their 15th year. I, on the other hand, was in University when I was still 2 months shy of my 16th birthday.


*snigger*snigger* Sorry, but this IS a personal blog and I AM ENTITLED to looking back and seeing some stuff now that I am a ‘grown up’. So there! ;p


P.S What on earth happened to Winona Ryder btw? Haven’t seen her in a new movie in ages 😦