I Read therefore I AM

Each year, goodreads (which is an excellent website for keeping track of what you read, not to mention reading comments and opinions about books) organizes a GOODREADS CHALLENGE in order to promote reading and show readers how to value their reading time more. It’s pretty simple, you go on the website, you click on the challenge link on the homepage, and you just set a target for yourself. For example, my target is to read 50 books by the end of the year.


To be honest, I am kind of ashamed of myself. 50 books??? I used to read a book a day!!! SERIOUSLY, my reading quota is one page per minute! And no I AM NOT JOKING! I m not a bookworm, I’m a book devourer.


Yes, I used to read 1 book a day, and I’m not talking about paltry 200-pagers here, no ‘young adults’ claptrap for me, I’m talking about the 400-600 epic fantasy tomes by the likes of Terry Brooks and Brandon Sanderson. The emphasis, however, is on the USED TO. I USED TO have the time… before I started working full time, before I started living in my own place, and before I got in a serious relationship. Life-wise, these changes are obviously very important for me as an individual, however the VERY UGLY TRUTH is that everything comes at a price, and the price of monetary self-sustenance, freedom, and love, is having less time to read. Before, I used to read a book a day, now I’m fortunate if I can manage a book per week 😦 And I try sooo damn hard too! I read while I’m on the bus, I read during break at work (when I have any), I read while I’m on the toilet, I read before I go to sleep, I read while my bf plays ps4, I read in the car when there are longish drives… and still…


So, to be on the safe side, taking into account evenings out, festivities, holidays abroad (already booked and payed for 2), sickness, etc, and that one year has 52/3 weeks, I set my target to 50 books this year. *sigh* I want to bang my head against the wall whenever I look at that in writing, but there it is.

I wonder, will I manage to surpass that? Am I being too pessimistic? I’ve already finished two books since the beginning of the year, but to be honest, the first one was already half done when it started, and the year started with a long weekend too, so I had quite a bit of free time. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll be posting again about it in 3/4 months saying I had been too hasty in my 50-book bet, and that I had already achieved it. Fingers crossed!!


7 comments on “I Read therefore I AM

  1. I don’t know if this is your cup of (insert beverage of choice), and I don’t pretend to know your work situation: but have you heard the wonderful news of audiobooks? Some times, it’s just as entertaining (or more, if the narrator is good) than reading the book.

    I think it counts.


    • Lol yes I have heard about audiobooks since I live in the present word. However no for me they do not count. Maybe I’m old fashioned that way, but for me the written word is the soul of prose (and poetry), and hearing someone recite it and giving their own interpretation to each cadence and sentence, totally spoils everything. Books are great because they allow each and every reader to experience the same novel and plot in different ways, depending on the reader’s own character and experience in life. For example, the simple word ‘Hello’ could be imagined by me to be pronounced sarcastically, in a monotone (therefore denoting disinterest), enthusiastically, sensually, etc, depending on my own current mood, and so each time one reads and rereads the same book, the story is always different. Imagine that multiplied by all the readers in the world! Listening to an audiobook instead of reading the novel is akin to watching the movie instead of picking up the book itself. You end up missing on the most important part, not to mention not experiencing the full measure and talent of the writer.

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      • It is good to hear opinions that I do not share!

        I do understand what you’re saying about the way it could be read, but for some reason it has never bothered me before. What if you listened to an audiobook of a book you had already read many times before?


      • Hmm part of me would be curious as to how other people would interpret it I think, and another part would be kind of in shock perhaps… thinking ‘NO that’s not how I believed it happened’, so could be that might ruin it for me as well. Interesting idea. Thing is when I hear people reading aloud to me I get bored after a bit and want to just rip the book out of their hands and read it myself, so I’m guessing I’d have the same kind of reaction anyways lol

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    • Nah I don’t plan on reading any more quickly than I usually do. I read to enjoy it, and won’t keep the goodreads challenge in mind while reading at all. It will just be funny to see whether I have the right concept of how much I’m currently reading. I used to keep a ‘book diary’ as of age 12/13, but lost it in transition when I moved house. This kind of reminds me of that 🙂


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