Second Writing Commission this year!

Things really seem to be hyping up on the writing front lately – YES I’M ON FIRE BABY!

After being offered a commission for contributing to a Polish website last weekend (see relevant entry here –, this morning I was also contacted by a local Maltese Wedding magazine who needed competent writers to provide articles on various subjects relating to wedding receptions. I honestly don’t know how they got to know about me, but needless to say I was very surprised and flattered.

writer 3

Hopefully, I will manage to juggle three different editors now… and my full-time job. fingers crossed. If I crack under all the stress, I guess I’ll just have to drink MORE coffee or something. Let’s not look gift-horses in the mouth shall we? Needless to say, I don’t really know anything about weddings. It’s just not my cup of tea… but again… we’ll see how it goes.


I wonder… good things are supposed to come in threes… so, will I be receiving another commission by the end of the month?

3 comments on “Second Writing Commission this year!

  1. The way they explained it, they wanted reviews about wedding receptions and tips about wedding clothes,etc. Since I’m not interested in getting married and never was, I know nothing of the subject. I’m not your gushing girl dreaming about the perfect wedding and fluttering around wedding-themed magazines every chance she gets to get ‘new ideas’ for her future ceremony.

    Lol as a writer personally I find I write better and more passionately about subjects which interest me, than those which don’t, as I’m sure you’ll understand. Still, thanks for your heartfelt good wishes. Wishing the same to you.

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