New Writing Commission!! Vive la France!!

I’m back! Back from beautiful Southern France. Back from the Cathar castles, Medieval cathedrals, rich countryside, cute coffee shops and romantic evenings with my one and only.


Back to work after a week of awesome delight.

Having begun writing in a Polish tourist website focussing on castles and historical cultural sites as of last month, I contacted my editor and asked him whether he would be interested in pieces on French castles… needless to say, he was ecstatic (and who wouldn’t be?!)

For those interested, I had already posted the itinerary we were going to follow before

Obviously things cropped up, we missed some places and discovered others, so I’m not gonna follow that exactly HOWEVER I AM going to start by drafting something about the Chateau de Lastours, which, I think, was my favourite (the Gods know how much we walked, climbed and slithered on chilly rocks to get to the darn place lol). Though I’m not totally sure, they were all so amazingly picturesque! French history is really interesting!


It will take some time before it’s up on the Polish website perhaps… but I can’t wait to start! Collected leaflets full of interesting facts wherever I went and I also bought a very interesting book on the Cathars, so that should help as background reading.

For those who want to take a peek at the website, where there are already some of my articles on Maltese Historical Structures, here it is


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