And then there was the PENIS!

Ever since I started writing this blog, around three months ago, I’ve written about all the subject and issues under the sun. I’ve covered personal issues, favorite movies and T.V shows, reading material, work issues, social criticism, and even Maltese recipes.

I must say, I was pleased and flattered when I realized I had a certain following, especially from readers from the U.S.

Yesterday, I typed the magical word ‘PENIS’ onto a title of just one of my posts, and not even one of the most interesting ones at that, yet almost immediately, viewings soared to an amazing rate, especially from my country of origin – Malta.


Each of my blog posts is automatically shared on my Facebook page, which is how I also know that probably most of these Maltese people who read my PENIS-related post, are people I know. I also realized that the title might be somewhat misleading, in that it might lead some individuals to think that I am writing about my own personal sex-life.


Obviously, those who read the entire article, soon understand that it has nothing to do with me at all, being merely an observation regarding a certain issue which might crop up with guys who are afraid of commitment, and which was brought on by me watching an episode from a certain T.V series. However it’s really amazing the way people’s minds work. They were not interested in my philosophical meanderings, in my thoughts about life, in my views on society or criticism of works of art. No, the only thing they were interested about was… well… PENISES.

Lol, there’s the magical word again in the title.

images (1)

Will I get as many hits today? ;p

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