Get a Life!

It’s always a mystery to me how people can get so bored that they latch on to some imagined slight, mistake or complaint and continue going on and on about it for days and weeks (if not months) on end.


Perhaps it has to do with the Maltese mentality? Or is it something prevalent within all human beings? Facebook and social media has, in this sense, totally served to compound and focus this type of behavior. We have nothing to do at home, nothing constructive to think about, so what do we do? We log into social media and write a FB status moaning about how unfair life is. We paste a meme stating that we are lonely because we are dark and mysterious, and no one understands us. We post a photograph with a lyrical quote from some song, because we are so moody and charmingly oppressed that we do not even understand ourselves. We write in our blog and groan about how alone we feel, when in reality we are doing nothing at all to assuage this condition.

For Pete’s sake, what’s all this put-down attitude going to serve? Are these people emotional masochists? Do they ENJOY feeling like victims? Do they FISH for empty compliments and pats on the back from strangers? Well, probably they do. Low self-esteem is all well and good, but do passive aggressive posts on FB really help?

Why not just snap out of it, put your big-girl/big-boy pants on, and just learn to face life without all this moaning and groaning about every little thing? Why not just learn to live, prioritize what is important for you, and stop blaming others for your own idiosyncrasies?

Life is so beautiful, exciting and full of things to discover – what on earth is there to be bored about?

I guess this is exactly what people mean when they exclaim – GET A LIFE!

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