Do you suspect you might be a victim of Cybercrime? The term ‘Cybercrime’ is defined as any illegal activity carried out using computers or the internet. Cybercrimes can range from Identity theft to cyber-bullying, fraud to the illegal selling of services.

Becoming a victim of cybercrime is, unfortunately, very common. The appropriation of a person’s identity for example, is easy to do online and hard to verify. Likewise, offering a service while providing false information about the specifications or qualifications of the service provider, or the legal veracity of his claims, is another pitfall. Online scammers are a dime a dozen.

Before trusting your work and personal information to a tertiary service provider, make sure to verify all his claims prior to handing over any remuneration. It is hard to trace people online. Hard, but not impossible. Especially for those with the right resources.

If you are Maltese and suspect you are a victim of cybercrime, make sure to contact the Cyber Crime Unit within the Malta Police Force –

Each and every country has its own relevant Cybercrime Authority or Unit which deals with enforcing Cyber Security Laws. For example, if you are a US citizen, you can file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at, and if you are a citizen of Kenya, you can talk to the Cyber Crime Unit within the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and send an email to . All the information relating to where you can find help, wherever you are, is on Google.

Ironically, the same tool which can be used to scam you – the internet – is also the tool which can help you resolve such illegalities. But then of course, tools are neither good nor bad, it is the individual who uses them for nefarious means, who is at fault.

So, inform yourself and stay sharp! Don’t let yourself be used.

NOT a ‘Team Member’ of TVB

It has come to my attention that my name together with a link to this blog features on a website called TVB – The Virtual Booktour Company, supposedly owned by a Ms Maureen Wahu, or someone who goes by that nomenclature, and whereby I am cited as being a member of their ‘Team’. This website, if I am understanding correctly, provides book reviews and Beta readers.

I am not and have never been a member of this ‘team’. Have never worked with them or received any remuneration from them. I have no idea how they have my name and am assuming they randomly plucked it, together with this blog’s URL, from WordPress. As such, I sent them an email to kindly remove my name and the link to my blog since this information is false and is a misrepresentation not only of their team, but also of my work. If this is a genuine mistake, they should be happy I became aware of it, and update their website. If not, they seem to be using my name and identity for their own ends, which is against the law.

If you are or were a client of TVB please be aware of this.