Bad Boys, Dynamite and Psychotic Lust

This weekend I re-watched one of my fav 80s Dark Comedies, Winona Ryder’s ‘Heathers’ (1988), where apart from teen angst and high school bullying, we get to see the demise of yet another bitchy cheerleader (yay!), a couple of jock bullies (yippie yay), as well as the sexy bad boy whom personally I would have done anything for (boo-hoo).


Awww come on admit it, we just love these characters don’t we? Yes, the guy is terminally and technically psychotic, I mean, he WAS a murderer, manipulator and schizzo, and he DID want to blow up the whole school, but considering that most of the students were assholes and that he was right on all accounts, not to mention sexy and slick as hell, how can one not sympathize?!


Yes, yes, yes, I have a soft spot for Christian Slater – does it really show so much? ;p

Apart from that – now be honest, who didn’t want to kill a couple of people and blow his/her own high school shitty life sky-high a couple of times right? So, yes I totally understand the guy, and if it had been me instead of Winona (Veronica), I’d definitely have been the very enthusiastic Bonnie to his Clyde.


The three ‘Heathers’ for whom the film is called were 3 stupid bimbos who could have given today’s ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘Gossip Girls’ and all the other hellcats a real run for their money. I love to watch high school power play in general, but manipulative bitchy girls are so much worse than your usual dumbo jock waving his dick around stuffing nerds into lockers aren’t they? And when they finally get their comeuppance, I cant help but cheer, shriek, laugh, snigger and drool with happiness. I hate these kind of girls with a passion, mostly because in my time as a teen at school I was one of those nerds myself, and though I wasn’t stuffed in any lockers, I was treated badly in other ways by girls who thought they were gods’ gift, just because they had money to buy certain stuff, put on make up, and already had been going out with boys and making out at 13. Well, guess what? Most of them didn’t pass their graduation at all, and more than half were already single mothers by their 15th year. I, on the other hand, was in University when I was still 2 months shy of my 16th birthday.


*snigger*snigger* Sorry, but this IS a personal blog and I AM ENTITLED to looking back and seeing some stuff now that I am a ‘grown up’. So there! ;p


P.S What on earth happened to Winona Ryder btw? Haven’t seen her in a new movie in ages 😦