Travelling Bucket List – Natural Wonders around the World!

Being both a list-maniac and a globe-trotter means that I have a never-ending bucket list of places I want to visit and countries I want to travel to.

Technically it’s not a list, because it’s on an Excel sheet, so I guess you’d call it a spreadsheet. Anyways, this plethora of monuments, ruins, heritage sites, palaces and religious places has one particular special section entitled Natural Wonders. And as the name itself specifies, it concerns those spectacular vistas, amongst which are forests, waterfalls, mountains, caves, and deserts which were created solely by Mother Nature, and which, for the most part, remain untouched by man.

This part of the list is extensive, and I’m sure many more target locations will be added to it in future. Dreams, like stars, are infinite. Here are some of the places I wish to visit, and journeys I hope to make someday. Of course, dreams never take practical issues, like money or time, into account, so I don’t actually know when, or if ever, it’ll be possible for me to go there. Still, one can always hope!

The Aurora Borealis – This is not, strictly speaking, a place, and yet there are many places where one can admire it. The Northern Lights have been something I’ve wanted to experience ever since I was a little girl. My mind knows that, scientifically, it’s a phenomenon which takes place when there are “collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen.” And yet, the thought of a naturally-produced light show sounds truly magical. Sometimes referred to as Polar Light, this sky display can be admired in different places such as Alaska, USA,  Northern Canada, Northern Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.


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The power of Boredom

I am bored. Totally bored. Incessantly bored. Pervasively bored. Unobsfuscatingly bored.


This does not mean I don’t have anything to do.

images (1)

In fact I have A LOT to do… which does not mean that I have any energy or inclination to do it.

images (2) here I come!


Anyways, maybe I’ll jolt myself a bit – here is a list of the things I have to do lol… oh me and my endless list-mania!

1. Check out the presentation I have to start giving throughout March and April to a total of 110 governmental nurses… Oh the joy

2. Check out documents about an Audit I have to start preparing as of next week… double joy

3.Start writing up the first draft for the first article about the Chateau de Lastours for the Polish website

4. Get my ass off this chair and go rinse my lunch container and plate

5. Call my aunt and uncle and ask how they are, as their dog died a few days ago and I was abroad at the time 😦

Those are IMMEDIATE issues which I must tackle… BUT… i am bored and tired and have no interest to move an inch!