Jack Frost – Movie Review

I think this afternoon I just reached the pinnacle of Xmas Slasher funny moments. Seeing a serial killer snowman rape a girl with his carrot nose in a shower… well now I guess I’ve literally seen it all haven’t I? Lol.

As you have probably surmised (at least, I hope you have), this is not Jack Frost the 1998 family movie starring Michael Keaton… oh no lol. This is the 1997 slasher movie where a serial killer, while getting transferred to a facility where he’s going to be executed for his crimes, gets drenched with a mysterious new experimental chemical when the van he is in collides with another one. The murdering maniac gets liquified and disappears in the snow, only to reappear later and start haunting the sheriff who had originally caught him. As usual, the FBI get involved (seeing as how the mysterious chemical was a federal invention in the first place) and try to catch the mysterious new killer while keeping the whole operation hush hush. FBI big boy clashes with the small town sheriff, while people start to get murdered left, right and center, and we realize that the killer has miraculously turned into a snowman, who can liquify and then re-solidify himself into snow, sliding under doors, into cars and other crevices…

JackFrost-004The culminative creativity of the screen writer finds its leeway when the usual couple about to have a shag appear on screen. The guy goes first of course, then the girl decides to take a shower (this, when she knew her brother had been killed a couple of hours earlier… wow talk about a skin-flint)… anyways we realize that her bathwater is actually the snowman! Up he pops and proceeds to bump the life out of her, but not before we realize that some other shagging had been going on… his long orange carrot nose had in fact been missing from his face… and guess where it pops up again?! LOOOOL

Anyways, obviously the good guys finally win the day, as they first burn dear Jack, who re-spawns (from his own vapour no less) and then proceeded to destroy him with anti-freeze, collect the remaining particles and bury them in a number of bottles. The screen grows dark while the mixture of anti-freeze+Jack churns menacingly in its containers.

I already know there’s the second Jack Frost movie, which, as usual, will be more ludicrous and astonishingly cheesy than the first. Can’t wait! :-p


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