Bfast Weirdness

Currently at a relaxing weekend break with my other half. After a sumptuous buffet dinner yesterday (felt too tired to go back up to the room after… thank all the gods for lifts), we had ANOTHER buffet, this time a bfast one, this morning. There were fruits of all kinds, cereal, platters of cheeses and hams, yoghurts, English bfast, muffins, cakes, etc, etc…. and my boyfriend took THIS:


Soup of grapes in strawberry yoghurt! lol ok say it with me WHAT THE FUC…!!


I guess I dont have time for more today. Soon off for a hot stone massage, then a picnic on the cliffs, followed by a small nap, and tonight after going to some Pizzeria we are off to watch Wayne Hussey (from The Mission) perform live and afterwards enjoy the after-party with some friends.

Btw, this weekend was my second year anniversary present to the bf. Nice ain’t I? ;p

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