Christians afraid of others’ beliefs


Lol seriously? Get a life!

If one is sure of one’s own beliefs, one does not need to destroy others’!! This sort of behavior just shows the thieves’ weakness and their own uncertainity, since they obviously need to deface other people’s creeds in order to feel secure with their own.

How utterly stupid and futile.

4 comments on “Christians afraid of others’ beliefs

      • Islam is a young religion. The current year in the Hijri calendar is 1436. Where was Christianity in 1436? For starters, the Spanish Inquisition didn’t start until more than 40 years later (although inquisitions of sorts had, according to what I read today, been running for some time).


      • As such whether it’s a young or old religion was not my point – the fact is that they like to point fingers a lot, and close their eyes to the fact that they suffer from the same failings and hypocritical behavior that they are accusing others of harboring.

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